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Area of study:
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Course requirements: 
At least four 5s at GCSE.

Your English and maths GCSEs must be at least grade 4.
At least five 4s at GCSE. A grade 4 in math, English language, or literature, and a grade 3 in the other subjects is required.
Additional requirements: 

Grade 5 in geography.

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Why study this course?

There has never been a better or more important time to study geography, examining vital issues such as climate change, migration, environmental degradation, social issues and natural hazards.

What will I study?

You will study both human and physical geography and learn about the following topics: tectonic processes and hazards, landscape systems, the water cycle and water insecurity, the carbon cycle and energy security, globalisation, shaping places, superpowers, global development and connections.

How is this course assessed?

Two 2 hour and 15 minute exams, worth 30% each, and one 1 hour and 30 minute paper, worth 20%. Coursework is worth 20%.

What can I study with this course?

Geography complements many other subjects including mathematics and the sciences. It also combines well with the other humanities such as history and philosophy and ethics.

Where does this qualification lead?

Geography is useful for anybody wishing to studying degrees in geography, environmental sciences and biological sciences. Popular careers for people with geography qualifications include: town or transport planning, surveying, conservation, sustainability, waste and water management, environmental planning, tourism, and weather forecasting. Due to studying human and population development, it is also an excellent subject for jobs in charity and international relations. Geography develops practical research skills that are needed by the army, police, government and research organisations.

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