A Level Computer Science

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Course programme:
A Level Courses
Area of study:
Digital Technologies
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Course Requirements: 

At least five GCSE grades 9 to 6, including mathematics and preferably computer science, although this is not essential.

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Why study this course?

A Level computer science is a fascinating and logical subject. This course is ideal if you have a passion for learning about computer programming, creating computer games, creating websites and understanding the technical aspects of networks and hardware. You will be provided with excellent facilities including well-equipped IT rooms, gaming software and programming IDEs and will have the opportunity to tailor a project to suit your individual strengths.

What will I study?

You will learn about computer systems and computer programming. In computer systems you will study the structure of a computer, generic software, input and output methods, number systems, primary memory, data structures, data transmission, databases, the social implications of ICT and networks. In computer programming you will study an introduction to Python, programming terms, types of programming languages, common facilities of programming, logic gates and Boolean algebra, the software lifecycle, computational methods and algorithms.

How is this course assessed?

Two written exams, 2 hours and 30 minutes in length and a practical programming project.

What can I study with this course?

Computer science naturally complements mathematics and further mathematics. However computer science will combine with any subject as it strengthens your ability to think logically and can therefore help you develop reasoned arguments.

Where does this qualification lead?

The course provides secure foundations for progression onto and computing related degrees. Previous students have gained places to study Software Development, Computer Security, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. It also forms a strong basis for becoming an IT professional network manager or a career in mathematics, science or business.

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